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Brecon Beacons Hotels Craig y Nos Castle History Tour


Adelina Patti, a world famous opera singer, chose the Brecon Beacons as her home sweet home


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Craig y Nos Castle History Tour

Adelina Patti


For £10 a head for non-residents or free for residents, we offer one hour History Tours. These start at 10.00 or 10.30 am on the morning of your departure. On all our accommodation deals these tours are included free of charge.  

Craig y Nos Castle was once owned by a wealthy opera singer, Adelina Patti. She earned up to £100,000 a year (probably £11 million in today's money - given she bought the castle for just £3,500 in 'old' money). She spent £100,000 at least, extending the castle, had her own railway train carriage, just like the Royal Family, and sung privately for Queen Victoria for 25 years.

Brecon Beacons Hotels - Craig y Nos Castle History Tour Adelina Patti
Group History Tours for 10 or more
by special arrangement (mostly midweek)

Free Tours are only offered with Dinner B&B or B&B stays

When staying overnight as a Dinner B&B or B&B guest, or as an event guest of a

Murder Mystery Dinner, etc, we run a free History tour the next morning from 10.00 / 10.30 am.

You will visit all areas of the Castle on the ground floor and subject to accessibility can visit "some hidden" areas that are generally out of bounds to the public. You will learn all about the history of the Castle, from the time of Adelina Patti, through the Hospital Years and up to the present day. Tours last approx 1.5 hours and run after one of our Dinner B&B or general B&B nights. They tend not to be offered to, or of interest to, wedding guests, so are not generally offered after weddings.

£10 Tours

If you are not staying overnight in our accommodation, you are more than welcome to turn up at 10.00 (check in advance) and join an existing tour for the previous night's overnight guests, just £10 per person. Check there is a tour on, as they are only run on certain days.

Light Lunch Tour £17.50

For £17.50 per person we offer a selection of sandwiches and crisps, or soup and a roll or similar, along with a Tour and Coffee/Tea and Biscuits - ideal for groups of 10 people wishing to find out about the Castle and its history. You must book in advance and these Tours are subject to availability and can be booked midweek only starting from 12.30 onwards.

Dinner & Tour £25 (2 courses)
or £30 (3 courses)

A full tour of the Castle and grounds and question and answer session, with Coffee or Tea and biscuits along with either a 2 Course or 3 course Dinner for just £25 or £30 per person - minimum of 15 people on a midweek basis. These must be booked in advance and are subject to availability starting from 12.30 onwards.

Adelina Patti was instrumental in the creation of the modern recording industry; she was one of the first serious opera singers to allow her voice to be recorded by the Gramophone Company. She travelled the world and charged £1,000 a performance - payable in cash or gold. Her fame was great in the 1870's and 1880's - yet now, no one has really heard of her.

You can journey into the past on our very own History Tour - see here.

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