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Brecon Beacons Hotel new floor joists at Craig y Nos Castle

Kitchen Floor taken up and floor hoists being replaced once all kitchen equipment removed

Many internal floors and ceilings have had to be replaced as floor joists were found to be rotten from decades of water damage. Much of this entirely unseen work was necessary to protect the structural integrity of the building. The castle in 2001/2 was in a far worse state than anyone imagined. It was in danger of caving in. The roof and all the floors underneath would soon have collapsed under their own weight.

Unfortunately there are currently insufficient funds to embark on large capital projects which means the two upper floors of the castle cannot be converted into accommodation or guest use just yet. They will remain derelict ‘ghost hunting’ areas for the foreseeable future, and very popular this activity is too - especially in the winter months.

Shown in the pictures (left), the floor of the commercial kitchen is replaced with new joists and a new commercial vinyl floor covering.

New kitchen floor with industrial standard covering newly laid at Brecon Beacons Hotel Craig y Nos
All the flloor/ ceiling joists in all the en-suites and all the ground floor rooms of the castle have had to be replaced
Theatre Corridor Floor, removing dry rot infested timbers and joists and laying new floor joists
New floor joists laid where needed, complete with rubber membrane around edges to guard against future ingress of moisture throught he porous limestone walls

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