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Brecon Beacons Hotels en-suite rooms at Craig y Nos Castle

Atrium block and what are now En-suites AB26,27, 28 being re-roofed at Brecon Beacons Hotel Craig y Nos
Brecon Beacons Hotels en-suite being constructed out of a former derelict room

The Atrium Block – first floor: this block is to the right as you walk into the courtyard from the main gates.

The atrium block used to be three separate houses and were once quarters for Adelina Patti’s staff. There was a roof over the whole central courtyard but this leaked and brought water into the building where the gulleys met the walls.

The builders have repaired most of the Atrium Building’s roof and converted the first floor and most of the ground floor into en-suite rooms.

We also have a new bridal suite in the old chapel room. Richard Felix of 'Most Haunted' once stayed in Room 36 and experienced a disturbed night when a lady in black appeared by his bed and walked through the wall behind him into what was once the chapel room.

En-suites need soil pipes. This was sub-contracted but later we found the sub-contractors had simply directed the soil from five new ground floor en-suites into the surface water drains. These ran off into a soakaway in the garden. After a year this exploded in a geyser of 'woo' and so we employed our own men to dig new trenches and put in a whole new soil pipe system for all the ground floor en-suites.

We are currently finishing off rooms AB13 (the former mortuary) which will make a family room sleeping four, and room AB17 which will be a double en-suite with sunken bathroom and raised mezzanine level for the bedroom.

We liked this bathroom in the showroom and installed it more or less as is, in AB21 en-suite
Another bathroom we chose from a showroom display - this style we chose in en-suites AB22-AB34
Soil pipes and sewage system installed in Atrium Yard by our own builders
Brecon Beacons Hotel soil pipes put in for some of the new en-suites in the Atrium Block
The FISH family of plumbers were employed on ground floor en-suites, shown here installing our original, fully reclaimed radiators
Original radiators installed in ground floor en-suites - here is what became AB15 lounge
New floor joists, wiring and plumbing for the en-suites in the Atrium at Brecon Beacons Hotel Craig y Nos
En-suites being installed on ground floor of the atrium - this will be room 14 bathroom
AB15 and 16 stone wall built after a three year weight for planning permission (was a wood wall originally)
Floors in all ground floor en-suites dug down, tanked (see black plastic around edges), insulated, prior to concrete screed going down.
Bridal Suite at Craig y Nos Castle hotel in the Brecon Beacons National Park
En-suite bedroom overlooking the courtyard and clocktower

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